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"Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo 2019"

The Sports Sponsorship Barometer presentation was held in Madrid on January 30th.

Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPSG Consulting, presented the results and key conclusions of the study in front of +160 attendants.


In particular, the report delves into main areas:

1. Sports sponsorship and innovation key elements from a sponsor and a property perspective. 

2. The most associated brands to certain sports and sports properties by the spanish population. The document also analyses which are the athletes with the best image. 

3. Main Sports Business trends. 


To finish, Carlos Cantó also moderated a debate where several experts talked about the main Sports Business challenges and trends moving forward: 


- LaLiga: Oscar Mayo, International Development Director & member of the chairman's office.
- Spanish Basketball Federation: Jorge Garbajosa, President.
- Santander Group: Enrique Geijo, Sponsorship Director
- Telefónica: Rafael Fernández de Alarcón, Sponsorship, Media and Brand director.


If you would like to download the report, please send an email to the following account:


Conferences and workshops

The future of eSports

Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPSG Consulting, led and moderated an online session about the future of eSports. This session was organized by "Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea" and featured several high-profile professionals in the industry: 


Jordi Soler
Director of the Digital Area and Special Projects - Mediapro
Director of LVP
Jorge Schnura
Vice President, Strategy OverActive Media Corp
President MAD Lions
José Parrilla
CEO GGTech Entertainment España
Sebastian Radu
CEO of "Modern Pick Entertainment”





Workshop "Football and Sponsorship: Challenges and trends moving forward"

SPSG Consulting co-organized a workshop as part of the "World Football Summit 2019"; the event where all the football industry meets (held in Madrid on the 24th and 25th of September). 


Carlos Cantó moderated a debate between several leading executives working in the football industry that were representing top clubs such as Real Madrid, Valencia, Chelsea or Tottenham and brands like Audi Ab-Inbev, Alipay, CaixaBank, Santander or MasterCard.


The objective was to enable both parties in a sponsorship relationship (Brands/sponsors and football properties/sponsorees) to explore the biggest challenges for them in the near future and the key factors to make a sponsorship agreement succeed. 


World Football Summit: Football and sponsorship 

Challenges and trends moving forward


The interesting insights and main conclusions of the workshop have been put together in a special report which you can download hereunder for free. 

Football and Sponsorship - WFS and SPSG Consulting
Report-Football-and-Sponsorship - WFS an[...]
Documento Adobe Acrobat [6.2 MB]

WFS 2019: Where Does The Future of Broadcasting Lie?

Emerging new technologies such as OTT platforms, social media and Pay-TV networks have revolutionized the way the population consums sport content. 

During the World Football Summit 2019, Carlos Cantó also moderated the panel "Where does the future of live broadcasting lie?" where Al Guido (SF 49ers), Veronica Diquattro (Dazn), Pedro Presa (Mycujoo) and Rodrigo Garza (The Adecco Group) tried to predict what lies in the future. 


Find below some of the studies we have done at SPSG Consulting

Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo 

"El Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo" is divided in 4 sections: Companies, Properties, Fans and Trends.

The study analyses the key elements in sponsorship (from the property and company perspective) and the new trends in Sport Business anually.


El Barómetro also measures the association of brands with a sport or property by the fans.

Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo 2018

Brand objectives in Sponsorship

The report results confirm that sponsorship investment continues to grow, specially in terms of activation. 


One of the biggest trends is

 the creation of value through unique and exclusive content for sponsors, which allow to delve into the process of differentiation. 

In fact, brand reputation, the generation of unique content for sponsors, hospitality and brand presence on social media are gaining importance between brands when deciding to sponsor a property whilst brand visibility is already taken for granted. 

Click below to download the report

Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo 2018
Barometro de patrocinio deportivo 2018.p[...]
Documento Adobe Acrobat [64.1 MB]

Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo 2017


In 2017, Santander was the most notorious brand in sports sponsorship in Spain. Afterwards, Coca-Cola came in second position and was followed by Movistar.


 The results show that in a country where football is one of the predominant sports, the brands that sponsor big teams have a higher level of awareness in sponsorship. 

Naming Rights

What's more, the study also shows how naming rights enhance brand association to the sponsored property (e.g. Santander - LaLiga Santander, Endesa - Liga Endesa, Turkish Airlines - Turkish Airlines EuroLeague)

Click below to download the report

Barómetro de Patrocinio Deportivo 2017
Barometro de patrocinio deportivo 2017.p[...]
Documento Adobe Acrobat [7.1 MB]


Carlos Cantó also collaborates with Palco 23 (and other media and professional magazines). Hereunder, find some of the published articles.

Innovation in Sports Business

Innovations (which can be technological or non-technological) are continuous and drive the development of the society, sometimes at a speed difficult to assimilate by different stakeholders, also in the sports sector.

Football as a part of the Sports Business

This article delves into the future of football, not that much from a sporting perspective, but especially from a business point of view (with emphasis on: results, economic, social, image and reputation, etc).

Fan experience

In a context of greater business professionalization, the focus has shifted from engagement  to monetization, through the necessary satisfaction of  needs for a stadium (needs from fans, sponsors and other stakeholders of the ecosystem).

New paradigm in the access to sports audiovisual content

The way in which the population consumes  audiovisual content related to sports is changing. According to Nielsen, the time spent watching “traditional TV” by 18 and 24 year olds fell by 48% between 2010 and 2016 in the US.

Reflection on "Sport business" from the evolution of the eSports ecosystem

Several of the challenges and trends that eSports have to face  are, in fact, the same as those of the  "traditional" sports (such as monetization).

The side effects of COVID19 accelerate the evolution of sponsorship

Nowadays, the world iis"phygital" (combination of "physical" and "digital").

Carlos Cantó talks about how sponsorship adapts to this framework and how it will evolve in the near future. 

COVID19 impact on sponsorship

The current situation should imply that the brand-property relationship goes beyond contracts, and Carlos Cantó is confident that sponsorship investment can be sustained if the sanitary crisis does not extend beyond two months.

Expansión: Spanish sport is also united in sports marketing issues to face the coronavirus crisis

The experts of the committee of the Spanish Marketing Association talk about the main trends after the COVID19 pandemic. 

La Vanguardia: Carlos Cantó: "There are sports properties that have gained value these weeks"

The COVID19 sanitary crisis has raised many challenges and created an uncertain future for the sports industry but new opportunities have also appeared for certain stakeholders.



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